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GUTGAA Meet and Greet

Joining GUTGAA‘s Blogfest party a bit late… but excited to be here!

Amazing lineup Deana has put together, don’t you think?

I’ve had luck publishing my literary essays and a couple how-to pieces, but the search for an agent for my fiction continues. Before momhood and work-from-home freelance editing, I was a high school teacher of literature, writing, and Gifted. I’ve tried YA, historical, picture books, and women’s fiction, but I’ve found the most fulfillment (and had the most requests) with an upper MG adventure with fantasy elements I’m currently querying.

I enjoyed Deana’s questions:

Where do you write? I have a white desk in our dining room with a view into the yard. Occasionally the computer here gets hijacked by my almost-8-year-old and more recently my 4-year-old, but I claim the early hours daily — 5 to 7 a.m. most days — for the best writing. (Which answers Favorite time to write?.)

Look to the left, what do you see?    The kitchen timer, which I brought to my desk on Saturday so I wouldn’t miss Pitch Madness on Brenda Drake’s site. Haven’t taken it back to the kitchen yet. Probably will leave  it here til Friday at 11 a.m.!

Drink of choice while writing? Starbucks French Roast from the Keurig early….Green tea mid-day….And a bit of Shiraz after the kids are in bed.

Complete silence or music?  Silence preferred, but can usually work with a modicum of background household activity.

Latest inspiration? My new WIP (started last night, in honor of both kids heading off to school today!) is a MG historical with threads of magical realism. I caught an ad for an upcoming documentary on PBS and the whole idea just entered stage right.

Best advice? Try something new, like a pitch contest. Take yourself on an outing to the bookstore, to hold real published books in your hands (it’s easy to lose perspective with so great a focus on the screen). And read Bird By Bird by Anne Lamott for a good just-go-write-something-already kind of kick. (I’ve profiled that awesome work below–check it out!)

Thanks to Deana and all her volunteers for a great opportunity, and good luck to all!

16 thoughts on “GUTGAA Meet and Greet

  1. Wow, seriously impressed by your early-morning writing! I can barely function before noon! Congrats on starting a new WIP, and good luck in the contest; I’m a big believer in their power! (*cough* that’s totally how I got my agent *cough*)


  2. Nice to meet you! I enjoyed your bio and love the blog. And I’m inspired by your early morning writing. It is a goal of mine to attain that. I realize it is easily realized by getting out of bed, but still…


  3. Hi Jenn, I love the word “modicum”! Great inspiration story. Everybody (and by everybody I mean agents/publishers) seems to be looking for MG right now so get that book written asap! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog – glad to see the abinism factor intrigues you as it’s a bit of a risk (normally only the villains have albinism, but in this case it’s my MC).


  4. Hi from GUTGAA! Not me, I like the late late hours. 5 am sounds foreign to me:) So next time I go to bed, I’ll silently say good morning to you before I shut my eyes for a few hours of sleep:)


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